UN Certified FIBC

UN Approved Bulk Bag (for hazardous goods)

Reliable Transport for Dangerous Goods

The transport of hazardous material is regulated in order to prevent harm to Environment; material prevents people from getting injured.

We can supply you UN Bulk Bags which are designed and certified to store and transport dangerous materials by Rail, Land or Sea in compliance with the UN International standards.

We supply different kinds of UN approved, or Dangerous Goods bulk bags which are designed and certified in compliance with the United Nations Recommendations on the Transportation of Hazardous Materials, usually known as the “Orange Book”.

Other applicable European and international packaging regulations on the transport of dangerous goods UN REGULATIONS as listed below:

IMDG Code Transport by sea
ADR Transport by road
RID Transport by rail

The transport of hazardous goods in UN Bulk Bags is governed by recognized international standards by the United Nations (UN).

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