These Bulk Bags/ FIBC’s are made of circular or tubular fabric. The loops are made from the extension of body fabric. These types of bags are primarily used in the fertilizer industries and presents cheaper alternative to 4 loop FIBCs. Common construction options include Duffle top Spout bottom and Spout top Spout bottom.

However we can supply any configuration to suit your requirements. Bags can have SWL ranging from 500kg to 1500kg and can be coated or have a liner inside to transport fine powdery materials. These type of bags can be lifted with Crane and forklift.

These Bags come in the following options:

  • Size Ranges from 65X65X100 CM to 65X65X150 CM.
  • Size Ranges from 90X90X100 CM to 90X90X150 CM.
  • SWL ranges from 500 Kg to 1000 Kg.
  • Top Duffle/Spout and Bottom Spouts can be added according to requirements

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