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Pacific Bags Australia Offers High Quality Poly Bags in Melbourne

Pacific Bags Australia is one of the leading and progressive supplier of bulk and woven poly bags in Melbourne and across the country. No matter your industry or the size requirements you have for polypropylene bags, you can trust us to supply products suitable for your packing requirements. With our easy and secure online ordering system and fast shipping in Melbourne and across Australia, we can keep our prices competitive.

What Sets Pacific Bags Australia Apart Regarding Polypropylene Bags in Melbourne

Polypropylene bags are the standard packaging material in several industries, making them an everyday item. This ubiquity leads to companies offering bags of varying quality, including some that cut corners and offer bags unsuitable for extreme heavy-duty use. We do not cut corners with the quality of our bags, and you can expect the following when you shop with us:

  • We might be an online-only business, but we operate three warehouses across Australia, strategically placed to get our bags to our customers quickly once they order with us. Our fast shipping is free on orders over $250
  • The bags you use are an excellent place for advertisements. With our printing options, you can have your company logo and name printed on the bags so everyone who sees them will know your company name.
  • Our belief in the quality of our bags is so high, that we offer free samples. Once you have the sample in your hands, any worries you had about quality will evaporate.

Problems with Poly Tarps in Melbourne Pacific Bags Australia Addresses

Poly tarps might look like a simple tool, but they have many outdoor uses in both industrial and recreations settings that make them an important item to have on hand. Unfortunately, not all poly tarps are made to the same strict quality standards that we use to craft ours. Here are a few of the issues with other tarps that you won’t have to worry about when you get your tarps from us:

  • As with our polypropylene bags, our tarps are woven, giving them unmatched strength and durability. They will stand up to rugged use, lasting longer than many other tarps. We include strengthened hems and reinforced corners, aiding their already tear-resistant quality.
  • Given that tarps are designed for outdoor use, they must be water-resistant. Beyond that, the rustproof eyelets will extend the product’s life, keeping them in working condition longer, even with constant exposure to the elements.
  • Our tarps are UV treated to block out the rays of the sun. Because of this, they are ideal for shielding cover or as a groundsheet.

Why Customers Should Use Pacific Bags Australia

It is our sole mission to offer high-quality packaging products at the most competitive rates and our commitment to that mission has given us a significant reputation in the industry in a short time. When you want the best Polypropylene Bags in Melbourne and across Australia at a price that won’t break the bank, you will be joining our returning customer base after your first order. Contact us today to learn more about our vast selection of bags and poly tarps.

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