Choosing the Best Poly Bags

Move and Store Products Efficiently While Saving Money with Poly Bags

Over the years, advances in synthetic polymers have created a new standard of poly bags that benefit companies who need quality packaging. Pacific Bags Australia offers you products of the highest quality and the lowest prices. We simplify the purchasing experience by providing an easy to use online store.

Problems polypropylene bags address

The woven technology of polypropylene creates durable and lightweight fabric. The bags are non-toxic, low cost, and resistant to chemicals. What’s more, we can print your logo on the bags. The following examples provide you with ideas of how different industries use our bags:

  • Food processing plants can move large amounts of ingredients around the factory floor in our food grade bags. They also can move harvested food to trucks. The agricultural industry benefits from the different sizes offered to meet their various needs.
  • Bulk bags benefit the construction industry. When the foreman wants to move heavy materials around the job site, the multiple sized bags come in handy. The products are excellent for holding bricks or concrete bags in storage.
  • Bags filled with sand can stop rising waters in a flood zone. They handle the heavy weight of the sand and are waterproof.

You can’t go wrong with the versatility of the bags we offer and the variety of choices you have. You can choose to buy poly bags through our online store. Save time and energy by purchasing online, and we’ll ensure a quick delivery.

What sets Pacific Bags Australia apart regarding poly tarp bags

Our business began in 2014, but we quickly realised our superior products and competitive pricing drew customers from beyond our base in Brisbane. We expanded and today you can find our warehouse in Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth. Here’s how we want to serve you no matter what part of Australia you reside:

  • We create a smooth online experience. Purchase our products through a secure online store, and speedy shipments soon follow.
  • We offer bags in various sizes. They are ready on the shelf to ship. We also accommodate custom orders for specific sizes. Our commitment to you is to meet any of your demands.
  • Our pricing is the most competitive in the industry. We’ll match or offer a 10% discount on any products you find somewhere else at a cheaper cost, ensuring you get maximum value for money.

When you want the best, and you want it fast, order online, and your shipment will be at your facility quickly. Our goal is to keep you focused on your business.

Why a customer should use Pacific Bags Australia

We provide the highest quality products at the best price. Our supplier facilities are ISO 9001:2008 certified. We offer bulk pricing, and we can accommodate custom orders.Contact us with any questions and trust that you will be satisfied. We aim to offer you all the products you need for your woven polypropylene needs. Join us online to learn how our products will serve you.

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