Why Use FIBC / Bulk Bags for Transporting Your Product

1. Flexibility

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers / Bulk Bags are an extremely flexible bulk packaging option and being tailor made, can easily be customized to adapt to your specific product/material and application. With a large range of Safe Working Load (SWL) ranging from 500 – 2000 Kilograms, with different filling and discharging/emptying options and easiness in transportation and storage of different materials (even Food Materials), Bulk Bags are a very good solution for.

2. Easy to fill and discharge

It is very easy to incorporate the use of FIBCs / Bulk bags into your current operations with various filling and emptying/discharging options. Filling/top options include but are not limited to flap top, Duffle / skirt top, filling spout and an open top. Discharge/emptying options include but are not limited to discharge spout, discharge spout with petal or pyjama closure, and discharge spout with bottom flap.

3. Bulk Bags are Environmentally friendly

All our bags are made from 100% virgin polypropylene, which is a common plastic that can be re-processed into other plastic products. Most of the bags are suitable for recycling including those used to transport / store building materials, chemicals, food grains, Even the Bulk Bags can be used multiple times, Bags with a safety factor ratio of 6:1 are specifically designed for multiple uses.

4. Bulk Bags are Cost effective

Flexible intermediate bulk containers / Bulk Bags are a more economical bulk packaging solution compared to other options. Not only are they economical to purchase but empty bags are also economical to ship as they are extremely lightweight compared to the Apart from their affordable price, storage of empty bags is also easy. Emptied bags can easily be folded into a small volume / size saving you valuable warehouse space which ultimately is more economical on your business.

5. Fast and easy to transport

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers / Bulk Bags have a variety of lifting options and can easily be customized to fit the filling and transportation equipment you already have at your facility. Various lifting options such as Corner Loops, Edge corner loops, Cross corner loops, Stevedore loops etc., makes it very easy to design the bag that will work on your existing equipment such as forklift, hoist or crane.

6. Exciting Printing options

In the world of marketing, printing of products plays a very important factor in promoting your brand. Bulk Bags are among the most popular material used, which allows custom printing of logo and branding for more effective branding strategies. Please contact us to schedule a meeting at your facility to discuss further and design the bags which are most suited to your needs.

Why use FIBC

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