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Skip bags is a heavy duty single use rubbish bag that can be used as an alternative to steel skip bins. It offers a convenient and practical solution for all types of waste removal requirements, including DIY, garden rubbish, demolition and construction waste, and household junk.

When to Choose Skip Bags for Your Cleanup Task

When plotting a major cleanup or cleanout task, it makes sense to ask the question: is it better to use mini skip bins or skip bags? In many cases, especially for smaller jobs, it makes a lot more sense to opt for a skip bag or two. At Pacific Bags Australia, we can help. We sell skip bags online, in a variety of different sizes and capacities. Whether you are cleaning out your garage or working on a DIY renovation project, we have the skip bag for you.

Problems Skip Bags Address

Say you decide to buy skip bags in Sydney or Melbourne, rather than opt for a mini skip rental. Here are a few big problems that choosing a skip bag will solve for you:

  • No overwhelming rental choices: Renting a skip bin is frustrating for a variety of reasons. First, you have a lot of different choices—both in terms of size and in terms of what you are allowed to dispose of in the bins. You don’t want to rent a container that is too small, as you won’t be able to finish your cleanout project that way. At the same time, though, going too big means paying for capacity you don’t need. Choosing a skip bag is less overwhelming, as there isn’t quite as much confusing variation and prices are all within about $10 or $15 of one another.
  • No concerns about not finding a spot to put your bin: Finding a spot for a mini skip on your property can be difficult. Maybe your driveway is too small, or perhaps you don’t have one. Placing a skip in the road or on a public sidewalk will likely require a permit, while placing it on your lawn or in your yard risks damage to your landscaping. Bags are smaller, which provides extra flexibility when it comes to placing your rubbish collection pile.
  • No decent option for small or mid-sized jobs: Mini skips, even though they have ‘mini’ in the name, are often only ideal for larger projects. A spring-cleaning session or yard makeover might not necessitate all that capacity. Ordering our skip bags in Perth or Brisbane can give you an option that is better suited to smaller or more mid-sized jobs.

What You Can Expect from Pacific Bags Australia Regarding Skip Bags in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth or Brisbane Why should you shop Pacific Bags Australia for skip bags in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth or Brisbane? Here are a few of the service perks you can expect from us:

  • Easy online shopping: It’s not always easy to find skip bags for purchase online. We offer bags in a range of sizes and quantities for easy perusal and purchase online. Once you’ve completed your purchase, you can expect fast shipping Australia-wide.
  • Free shipping: If your order goes over a $250 value, we will ship it out for free!
  • Quality bags: When you buy our skip bags in Brisbane or Perth, you get a high-quality product crafted from woven polypropylene. This material is strong, durable and not prone to punctures—important for any kind of rubbish removal.

About Pacific Bags Australia

Pacific Bags Australia has been operating for more than half a decade, including previously as the Brisbane Bag Company. We are proud to bring superior woven bags and sacks to our customers, including superior skip bags for any DIY cleanout project. Contact us today to learn more.

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