What You Should Know About Buying Bulk Bags in Melbourne

What You Should Know About Buying Bulk Bags in Melbourne

If you are looking for a way to transport sand, fertiliser or other dry, free-flowing materials in large quantities, then Pacific Bags Australia can help with our stock of bulk bags in Melbourne. These bulk bags, also known as flexible intermediate bulk containers (or FIBCs) offer an easy and affordable way to transport materials of this ilk.



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Benefits of Buying Bulk Bags in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth or Brisbane

Pacific Bags Australia ships products throughout Australia, including bulk bags to Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and other locales, along with Melbourne. There are many benefits to choosing these bags for the transportation of powders, flakes and other dried materials. Those benefits include:

  • • Their durable structure: Our bulk bags, and most FIBCs, are made from woven polypropylene, which is strong and extremely durable while also being very lightweight. These qualities make bulk bags ideal for holding sizable loads without breaking, tearing, stretching or showing other signs of weakness or wear.
  • • They are affordable: Compared to boxes, crates or other heavier industrial containers, FIBCs are affordable to purchase, to ship and to store. Their simple woven polypropylene design makes them cheap to produce, especially relative to their incredible strength. When not in use, the bags can be folded up into compact packages, which makes them easy to ship and extremely cheap to store. Even a bag rated to transport one tonne of dry material will only weigh 2-3 kilograms when empty.

Read about the other benefits of bulk bags here.

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What Sets Pacific Bags Australia Apart Regarding Bulk Bags in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane

If you are thinking about buying bulk bags in Perth or Sydney, you might be wondering why you should choose Pacific Bags Australia specifically. Here are a few reasons:

  • • A wide selection of bulk bags: We currently stock dozens of different bulk bags on our online store, spanning different sizes, designs and capacities. Start browsing the selection today.
  • • Online shopping: Our business is the only supplier in the woven polypropylene industry that currently offers easy and secure online shopping options. Simply put, we make it easier than anyone else to get the right FIBCs for your product shipping or transportation needs.
  • • Our commitment to quality: We never want a client to be disappointed with the quality, durability or reliability of the products we sell. For that reason, we have taken steps to go above and beyond relevant quality standards. From our supplier facilities (which are ISO 9001:2008 certified) to our materials (which are made from recyclable, 100 percent virgin polypropylene), you can count on us for quality every step of the way.

Why Pacific Bags Australia Is Cost-Effective

Finally, when you buy our bulk bags in Brisbane or Melbourne, you can rest assured that you are getting the most cost-effective deal on the market. In addition to the cost-effective nature of FIBCs in general, we also offer competitive discounts for bulk orders and will even waive shipping costs for deliveries that exceed $250. To learn more about our affordable, wholesale bulk bag options, contact us today.

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