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At Pacific Bags Australia, it is our sole mission to offer high quality packaging at competitive rates, and we are proud to provide the convenience of ordering bulk agricultural wool packs online in Brisbane and across Australia. In addition to wool packs, we offer a wide range of other bulk packaging products that will meet your specific needs. If we don’t have the size for you, we also accommodate custom size orders.



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Problems with Ordering Bulk Agricultural Wool Bags Online Pacific Bags Australia Solves

For many customers who are not close to major cities, the biggest problem with ordering bulk bags online is the hassle of shipping. The cost-effectiveness of the bags is another concern most customers have. We’ve considered these and other concerns in the following ways:

  • We operate from three sites that are strategically located around the country to serve our customers better. From these sites in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth we can offer Australia-wide delivery with free delivery on orders over $250.
  • When it comes to cost, we know the overheads you are dealing with, and so we keep our costs competitive. Our 100% virgin Polypropylene bags provide cost-effective solutions to your bulk packaging issues. We also offer discounts on bulk orders so the more of our products you buy, the more you save.
  • Our bulk bags are designed to be easy to use and strong enough to handle the load. They are easy to fill and discharge with several options available to meet your specific packaging needs. Empty bags can be folded into a much smaller volume to make storage a breeze.

What Sets Pacific Bags Australia apart regarding Ordering Bulk Agricultural Wool Packs Online in Brisbane

The biggest factor that sets us apart is the mammoth size of our line of products. Even with such a large inventory of bags and sacks, we will work with you if you need a custom size. Another of our customisation options is our printing capabilities for the bags you order from us.

  • Your brand is important, and one of the ways to grow it is through our custom printed bags. Add your information and logo to your bags with our four colour printing options.
  • Given that bags are our business, it makes sense for us to offer a wide selection of bags. From woven sacks to bulk bags and even sandbags, we have the bags to fit your specific need.
  • If we don’t carry the size you need, we will work with you to make custom bags as well.

Why Our Agricultural Bulk Bags are Cost-Effective

Our bags are the most cost-effective bulk packaging solution. You can use them multiple times, and the cost of shipping them empty is lower than other methods because they are lighter when folded into a much smaller volume. If you are interested in learning more about ordering bulk agricultural wool bags online in Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia, contact us today and don’t forget about our numerous other bags and products.

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