ISO 9001:2015

Pacific Bags Australia is proud of itself in supplying quality products to our customers. Our motto is “Serving Quality with excellence” and take the quality of our products very seriously.

Our Quality Policy and its execution provide the assurance to our customers that they will have a consistent experience across all products. With our range of quality products, we have built customer loyalty and maintained our market growth in Australia.

Our policy and commitment goals are achieved with the support of every member of the Company. Quality is communicated from top management to everyone, making quality everyone’s business at Pacific Bags Australia.

This is achieved by:

  • Continuously working with our employees, suppliers and customers to enhance the company’s quality outcomes.

  • A positive commitment to comply with Customer and Quality Management System requirements.

  • Strive to continuously improve the effectiveness of the systems, processes and products.

  • Developing and training all employees to continually improve the teamwork and involvement necessary for the success of the individual as well as the organisation.

  • Continue to improve by doing it right the first time

This policy is reviewed as part of the Management Review for its continuing suitability & objectivity and provides the framework for setting and reviewing quality system objectives and targets.

ISO 9001 Certificate

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